Minka Kelly is World’s Sexiest Woman & Her Fiance Will Lose in the World Series

11 10 2010

Here’s hoping the Yankees can pull off an ALCS Championship so the Phillies can get their rematch and Minka Kelly will come to Philly…

Esquire Magazine recently published their “Sexiest Woman Alive” issue and this year’s winner is Derek Jeter’s fiance Minka Kelly.  Pure smoke, spitting hot fire.  A certified dick wrecker.  Makes me wanna slam an encyclopedia Britannica on my junk.

Let’s hope Minka and Derek can make the trip down to Philly in late October/early November.  I want Minka to see first hand what the Phillies are going to do to her man.  It’s gonna be a Jeter dick-slap fest.  Get yo popcorn ready.

For full spread, check on this link….(http://www.esquire.com/women/the-sexiest-woman-alive/sexy-minka-kelly-pics-1110)

UPDATE: You’re Welcome….(http://www.esquire.com/women/the-sexiest-woman-alive/sexy-minka-kelly-video?click=pp)




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