Phillies Pitching Dominates & Oswalt Shows Some Personality

11 10 2010

When trying to think of words that can describe the pitching performances of Halladay and Hamels, the only word that comes to mind is DOMINANCE, pure utter dominance.

While Oswalt didn’t have his best stuff on Friday night, his personality came alive in last night’s NLDS clinching win.  Roy was feeling good about his new team after they bailed him out of Friday night, he wasn’t used to that type of support in Houston.

The Phillies pitching performance was dominant; so dominant that they forced the Reds into the WORST postseason team batting average in the history of baseball….they hit .113 against the three headed monster. Take that one and digest it, the “best hitting” team in the NL was held to an abysmal .113.  Halladay allowed 0 hits, Hamels allowed 5 hits.  At no point last night was there more than one base runner allowed on.  A no hitter and a complete game shutout.  Enough said. Sweep, sweep, sweep.  Oh yeah, Brandon Phillips cried after the game.  No biggie Cincy, our players win, your players cry after losing.

Tip of the hat goes to the Cincinnati fans that tried buying Cole Hamels shots at the bar Cole was having lunch at on Sunday afternoon.  That was a Philly type move and I didn’t see those Mid-Western’ers having the onions to execute that type of power move.




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