Chooch Hits 103 MPH Fastballs. No Big Deal.

12 10 2010

Just the fastest pitch ever hit…in the history of the game.

Yeah, no big deal.  Chooch can turn on anything, like for instance the fastest pitch ever connected on.  In the history of baseball, two of the three fastest pitches ever connected on were thrown by rookie Reds pitcher Aroldis Chapman.  The guy throws gas, but there is no reason to fear him this year, he’s a rookie, he’s going to melt on the big stage.  Fact.   His stuff is nasty, but against Chooch, Superman would be useless.

Carlos Gonzalez connected on one earlier in the year off Chapman that was 102 MPH.  The one el Chooch roped into right center field was 103.5 MPH! 103.5 MPH! He turned on it like it was a Jamie Moyer meatball over the middle of the plate.  No big deal.  Chooch just hits fastballs, thats what he does.  Oh, and he calls perfect games and playoff no hitters.




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