Clifton Lee is one of October’s Best

13 10 2010

Much of the first half of the Phillies season, people couldn’t get over the fact that the Phillies traded Cliff Lee away…for nothing.

Like look at that picture, the guy straight doesn’t give a shit about pressure.  Cliff gave the Phillies one of the truly great postseason runs EVER last year and with Hamels under performing, the World Series run would not have happened without Clifton.  He won the Texas Rangers the series clinching all important Game 5 on the road.  A complete game in the team’s most important game of the year.  No big deal, that’s what he does.

Until the Phillies picked up Roy Oswalt to silence the masses, people couldn’t stop bitching and for good reason.  The reason was the “self imposed salary cap” the Phillies put on themselves.  Since the fans couldn’t get over the wet dream possibility of Halladay, Lee & Hamels.  9 million dollars would’ve been all it took.  Why should a measly 9 million get in the way another repeat World Series run? But ever since getting Oswalt, people have finally gotten over it now that we have another three headed monster.

The Rangers are going to give the Yankees one hell of a series. Part of me wants the Yankees for revenge purposes, but part of me wants Cliff Lee vs. Roy “Cy Young” Halladay in Game 1 of the World Series….live from Citizen’s Bank Ballpark.  As nasty as the Phillies rotation is, a tip of the hat goes to Cliff Lee; one of the best pitchers the month of October has ever seen. Just look at these numbers….

El Duque 6-0 1.24 ERA

Cliff Lee 6-0 1.44 ERA

Bob Gibson 6-0 1.71 ERA

Lefty Gomez 6-0 2.86 ERA

Jack Morris 6-0 3.21 ERA

Roy Halladay 1-0 0.00 ERA (NBD)





3 responses

13 10 2010
Chris Ross

Love the article, great read! What an amazing series. At least one of the divisional matchups went 5 games right? Cliff Lee is just unbelievable out there. Big time players come up big in big games, and Cliff Lee is sure showing his value and what the Rangers hoped they would get when the traded for him earlier in the the season. Where would they be without him? It’s been so fun to watch him pitch, and hopefully they can stomp on the Yankees in the ALCS. Hey, also you think you could take a look at my blog cuz I really wanna hear what you have to say.

14 10 2010

“Self-imposed salary cap”? What’s that? Every baseball team has a self-imposed salary cap.

14 10 2010

i was just stating that is the reason they didnt keep lee.

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