Did Zach Morris Get Sweet Butt Play on Showtime?

15 10 2010

No, no it wasn’t on late night programming (we can’t be that lucky) but it appears Zach Attack got some sweet butt action from Mary Louise Parker.

Gotta admit, I figured Zach Morris’ first late night Showtime sex scene would’ve come years ago, well after the teen star crashed and burned Lohan style.  But Zach Attack was able to stick around and maintain a semi productive career.  Some NYPD Bullshit here, a little Dead Man on Campus there and wrap it all up with the cliche Law & Order cameos, and then BOOM there he is giving the business to Nancy Botwin.

Nice of Zach to pop his head (no pun intended) every once in a while and show us he’s still got it.


For some more great NSFW screen shots click on the link, did I mention they’re NSFW?……(http://tiny.cc/oidez)




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