Enjoy Your Sportsgasm This Weekend Philly

16 10 2010

Unreal weekend for Philadelphia sports, ALMOST too much.

It all starts at 6 PM tonight since the Flyers were kind enough to move their game up an hour and a half to avoid confliction with the NLCS across the street.  And to boot it’s against the hated Pittsburgh Penguins.  A tip of the hat goes to the Flyers for having that “4 for 4” mentaility and taking into account what the fans want.  Then 1 hour and 57 minutes later one of the most highly anticipated baseball games in recent memory.  The last three Cy Young winners (assuming Halladay wins this year) are matching up against each other, Tim “the Freak” Lincecum vs. Roy “Doc” Halladay.  Are you kidding me? If you can’t get up for this game then your only kidding yourself that your a sports fan.  Sports geeks all around the country are excited for this. 

Then Sunday another great day in South Philly.  Most likely the NFC’s best in the Atlanta Falcons come into Lincoln Financial Field to face the Kevin Kolb led Eagles.  Eagles are coming off a scrappy win agains the hapless 49ers last week in which Kevin Kolb looked good.  If the Eagles can pull off the win (which I don’t think is happening, lay the Falcons +2.5) they establish themselves as a legtimate power in the weak NFC. 

Then later in the evening Game 2 of the NLCS with Giants lefty Johnathan Sanchez vs Roy Oswalt.  If you’re a fan of pitching matchups then this NLCS is a wet dream.  Sanchez can be great, but he can also struggle at times.  His secret, which isn’t much of a secret at all, is to get ahead early in counts and then start junk balling, baiting batter into swinging at garbage.  If the Phillies can be patient and wait on their pitches, hitting Sanchez shouldn’t be a problem.  His has a tendency to walk batters when he’s not getting his calls.  He had a career high 96 BOB’s this year.  Look for Oswalt to bounce back from his less than stellar but not terrible NLDS start.  Worst case the Phillies go to San Fran tied up 1-1, no way they head there down 0-2.  Enjoy your weekend.  Bar Rafaeli hopes you have a good one.




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