The Dracula’s Won’t Die

16 10 2010

The Yankees just won’t go away; good.  The Phillies are salivating at a chance of revenge.

G.W. & Nolan Ryan pretty much summed up the feelings of the entire state of Texas and Yankee haters everywhere.  For Phillies fans this ALCS is a typical douchy cliche of a “win-win” situation; either they get their chance at revenge against the Evil Empire OR they get to face the scary Texas Rangers and Cliff Lee.  The Rangers in Philadelphia represent another evil in this world…Dallas.  The Rangers play directly across the street from that STD Dome Dallas Cowboys stadium. (no joke the bathroom’s are covered in man-batter, look for yourself)

The Yankees certainly looked like a World Series team last night overcoming a 5-0 hole in late innings.  A team that just won’t go away, like a fucking greenhead fly on your legs at the beach, but eventually, after sucking your sweet blood; you are able to squash that fly.  And I have a feeling the greenhead this year is the Yankees after getting fat off of some of our blood, but this year the Phillies hand squashes the shit out of that fly.  Fatso Sabbathia looks like shit and stands 0 chance against Doc.  We all know Phil Hughes will need his depends when he shits himself on the hill in Philadelhia.  Pettite’s a joke anymore and Hamels will drop a steamy one on the Yanks in the Bronx. 

It was nice of Miley Cyrus to stop by and take a picture with Sabbathia.




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