Keeping it Classy Philadelphia

19 10 2010

Who knows what this was about, nor do I really care.  But from the looks of it, the kid deserved it.  Talking shit to a woman is tops on a list of reasons to get your ass beat.  You were most likely being a drunken asshole. I wasn’t there and I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.  Once again because of one person, we look like a bunch of assbags.  The night before a kid vomits on the field while trying to snag a foul ball.  I know why everyone thinks we’re shit heads, because we are.

The Phillies are about to be the class of baseball and it’s about time the fans give a little better effort.  Philadelphians are in denial, but year after year, the same problems occur and this year was no different.  Pukemon, taser kid, douchebag in red suit running on the field, guy running on the field with weed in his pocket, little kid drinking beers (blown out of proportion), constant fighting.  I mean it’s fucking Fallujah in that stadium.

I’m not trying to sound like everyone’s mother here, but handle your booze people.  If it looks like an asshole, talks shit like an asshole, and gets uncontrollably drunk like an asshole, then you’re just an asshole.


UPDATE: People everywhere are assholes.  Cliff Lee pushed the Yankees shit in last night and the fans were none to pleased.  The fans in the outfield started hurling empty beer bottles into the Rangers bullpen.  Point being, there are assholes everywhere, and they seem to pop up all over baseball stadiums across this nation.




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