Nolan Ryan is Robin Hood

19 10 2010

The man straight impressed me.  Hs caught wind of raised parking lot prices  for the ALCS and had NONE OF IT!

Typically during the Rangers season parking passes are $10 for the game but suspiciously during the ALCS the price raised to $15.  Naturally fans were pissed.  They should in fact consider themselves lucky about the $15.  Prices around the country get as high as $80 for some football games, $40 for Red Sox baseball games and even yesterday myself paid $25 for the Eagles game.

Regardless Nolan Ryan heard of the price raise and DEMANDED that the price be lowered back to the original $10.  Not only that, but he demanded that the fans that did pay the $15, will get a $5 refund for the price raise.  What a guy, making sure his team or the city of Arlington doesn’t gain extra profit off the Rangers success.   If Nolan Ryan demands something, you better fucking listen or he’ll throw a fastball up your dickhole so quick you’ll be pissing baseball leather for weeks.

On top of it all, Nolan Ryan threw out one of the first pitches in ALCS home games, and to be frank, the man still brings the heat.

Tip of the hat goes out to Nolan and the Rangers organization for doing something not many teams do, and that’s sticking up for the fans and their interest.  Good day sir.




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