Might be the Biggest Move of Charlie’s Career

20 10 2010

To start Sloppy Joe, or to start Roy Halladay on three days rest?

Manuel has made the decision to go with Joe Blanton tomorrow in Game 4 of the NLCS against Madison Bumgarner and the Giants.  This decision could be talked and discussed for a long time to come.  If Blanton goes out and performs, the Manuel looks like a genius with the series tied 2-2 and his three horsemen still all on full days rests and ready to close it out.  If Blanton fails, then everyone and their mothers will be scolding Charlie Manuel for not starting Halladay on three days rest.  Most people are divided.

The game is an absolute must win, no doubt about it.  My thinking is go with Halladay, this is why you got him. You pitch the man in Game 1, Game 4 & Game 7 if need be. This is a need be.  He simply trains harder than any other pitcher in the league, reward for the horse for his hard-work.  Pitch the man, you know he wants it.  Then you come back with the series tied 2 games to 2 and Roy Oswalt (who is a beast on three days rest) vs Timmy Lincecum in the last game in San Fran, game 5.  Best case you come home with the series lead of 3-2 and pitch Fat Joe Blanton with the lead in Game 6.  Lose that? Fuck it, throw Hamels on full days rest vs Madison Bumgarner.

Either way, this is a decision of Charlie’s that will be discussed by Phillies nerds for years to come.  Like me and my buddies still talking about Fegosi’s decision to put in Mitch Williams in the ’93 World Series.

Never done a poll before.  Vote here dickheads.




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