This is Why Everyone Hates the Yankthese

20 10 2010

Look at this fucking kid, couldn’t be more of a sterotypical New York 100% genuine assbag.

This kid is a saving call away from being the next Jeffrey Maier and yet there he is acting like he hit the god damn home-run.  Tough talking Nelson Cruz? Sweet bro, Nelson Cruz would have you pinned on the ground and tea-bagged in less than 30 seconds.  Wear your god damn hat properly, forwards or backwards, there are two choices, you look like a slap dick.  Did you get over that Cliff Lee steamer session last night yet?

Look at that fatso standing behind him, been eating a little bit too much of mom’s pasta fasul? Jesus, Yankees stadium is the epicenter of douchebags.  Click on the link if you can handle it…..(


Side note: As this blog is being written, the Yankees are down 7-3, bringing the series talley to 27-6.  You’re fucked.  If it wasn’t for Ron Washington pulling CJ Wilson too early, this series would be a sweep.



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