Do the Giants Have a Right to be This Cocky

22 10 2010

The Phillies boarded the red-eye flight last night to get home and get some rest before game 6 on Saturday.  The Giants stayed in San Francisco, which is not protocol for teams in the playoffs.  Makes me think the Giants didn’t pack their bags….

Could the Giants have not packed their bags because they were so certain they weren’t heading back to Philly? Most teams are packed and prepared for travel on a day where travel is possible.  The thinking is that as soon as the game is over the team gets to the aiport, sleeps on the red-eye, get to the hotel, get some rest and then have a light practice.  Be ready for Saturday.  Now the cocky ass Giants weren’t prepared to travel and will spend Friday getting across the country.  If they’re lucky they’ll get in a light practice Friday, then get their shit pushed in Saturday night in Game 6.

If the Phillies can pull of the win in Game 6 in my mind they’ve already won Game 7.  They could get two wins in one game Saturday night.  This is where the experience will hopefully prevail.  Oswalt is lights out at C.B.P.  Fact.  Straight dick slaps the opposition.  No way Matt Cain can beat Cole Hamels in a game 7 at home, just not feasible.  The Giants assholes are so tight right now, not even Pat Burrell could penetrate it.

Jimmy Rollins is confident, about as confident as I’ve ever seen him.  So confident that he busted out an Antoine Dodson impersonation in the post game live show.  RUN TELL DAT! HOMEBOY!




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