Bill Conlin, You Kidding Me Bro?

23 10 2010

Bill Conlin, a long time Philadelphia baseball reporter who is very respected in the industry thinks that the Phillies should bench Ryan Howard for the good of the team.

You want to sit last year’s NLCS MVP in Game 6 of the NLCS cause he’s slumping? Come on Conlin.  You know better than that.  When he hits, the team hits.  He is the catalyst the gets this team moving.  His eye is there, his head is not.  He is seeing the ball and getting hits to lead off innings, but seems to tighten up when runners are on base and in scoring posistion.

The man has proven over time, that he deserves the damn chance to redeem himself.  Plus who’s going to replace him? Ross Gload? C’MON CONLIN! He’s going to get hitting.   He’s been cock teasing us for weeks now, by baseball standards he’s more than overdue.  When he does hit the ball, he hits it hard and usually to the gaps, which means he’s right on top of the ball.  His un-clutchness is due to overthinking the situation, with that in mind, how can you bench an MVP?

Plus, he’s not the only hitter not producing, Utley is a shell of himself, JRoll can’t not pop up (side note: JRoll’s Career Postseason Stats, pop up outs on 23% of his career postseason AB’s).  Wait for Howard to get there and I have ZERO doubt the rest of the team will follow suit.  Game 5’s 3rd inning was an example of that, one person got a hit, then next thing you know they’ve batted around the order and “EVERYBODY HITS!”

The postseason is all about momentum, and Howard is due.  Be patient, if he hits one out of the park, the series is over. Fact.  Roy Oswalt knows all about momentum….

“I think the whole thing is momentum. You get momentum on your side and sometimes you can ride it for five or six games in a row and win five or six in a row. Hitting’s contagious. You start hitting, everyone starts hitting, seems like it’s contagious. With what happened in San Francisco in the third inning there when we scored three runs, everybody started hitting the ball and it got contagious. The dugout came alive and it changed the whole mood of the team. Same thing here, I think when you score early, you get momentum on your side. You kind of build from there,” Oswalt said.

Thanks Roy.  Bill, I know you’re trying to stir the pot a little bit, but in the most critical of games, I’d rather shove a foreign object up my ass than sit Ryan Howard, just saying.



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26 10 2010
Dillon "The Great"

looks like he was on to something

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