Pittsburgh Pirates: Sign of the Apocalypse

23 10 2010

When you have a bench coach from the Kansas City Royals withdrawing his name from consideration for your head coaching position; you’ve got problems.

Bench coach John Gibbons of the Royals wants nothing to do with the Pirate stankiness that’s been pretruding from Pittsburgh for the last twenty years.   He has officially withdrawn his name for consideration to stay the bench coach of the Royals.  Seriously if you’re Pirates management you might want to get yourself to one of Pittsburghs bridges and just jump.

As a manager, the ultimate goal is to work your way up to head coach of a major league team.  This posistion comes available albeit with the Pirates and you decided that being a BENCH COACH in Kansas City is the better alternative.  Take a second and digest that, turning down most likely millions of dollars over a couple years of losing baseball was not enough to entice him out of Kansas City.  Wow.  Just hand in your franchise card Pittsburgh.  The end is here, you’re getting denied by Royals bench coaches.



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