Charlie Sheen Knows How to Party. Fact.

26 10 2010

Charlie Sheen weeks out of rehab, was in New York City with Denise Richards (ex-wife) and two children.  After saying goodnight to his children, Charlie decided to get black out drunk, do some blow & pick up a prostitute and then get robbed by her, all a hotel room away from his children. Class act.

This man might love hookers more than anyone in the history of the world.  Can’t the guy go a couple weeks without having a run-in with whores? Run-in; get it? He gets out of rehab, a court ordered appearance I’m assuming, and decides a trip to NYC with the family would be good way to patch up a rough period in their lives.  What could go wrong…

The day started off with Charlie and Denise taking the kids to a nice Mary Poppins show on Broadway.  Adorable, what a good father. A family weekend in the big city, what better way to bond.

Let’s fast forward to a little after 2 am, when the hotel desk gets a call from a naked, scared woman locked in a closet fearing for her life.  Apparently Sheen had threatened the lady of the night after he found his wallet and cell phone had gone missing.  Two things could have happened to them, 1) the hooker stole them, hookers love stealing or 2) while blacked out “time traveling” Sheen lost his shit somewhere.  You can make your own decision there.

Once Sheen realized his belongings were missing, he began to throw chairs around the room and began screaming like the lunatic he is.  Sheen damaged chairs, the chandelier, and some walls.  I guess after Sheen lost some of his coke enthusiasm he passed out naked on the bed and that’s when the whore called the front desk, who then called police.   Police gave him an ultimatum of downtown to the station or go to a hospital.  Sheen wasn’t dumb enough to choose the station.

Aside from Mel Gibson, is there a richer douche-bag in Hollywood? The fucked up thing is, his syndication prices probably just got more expensive for Two and a Half Men.  This man seems to thrive on hooker related news, driving Mercedes off cliffs and cocaine binges.

I’ve never been able to wrap my arms around Sheen ever since I found out he turned his back on the Estevez’s, his true family.  Martin and Charlie sold their families out to make it in Hollywood with a “sexier” name of Sheen as opposed to the Mexican Estevez.  That’s just fucked up. Emilio has balls, Emilio is a guy I can get behind.  The Charlie/Martin combo didn’t think twice about giving up on their heritage to make millions, Emilio does the Mighty Ducks trilogy and Men at Work and stays true to his heritage.

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