Greatest Bar Promotion Ever

26 10 2010

Almost makes me want to live near Hollywood Florida, almost.

(Couldn’t find a suitable bar photo, so I went with the next best thing in Bar Refaeli)

A bar in Hollywood Florida is offering to pay your bar tab every time the team loses.  Bar management is so sure the Heat are going to break the regular season record of 72 wins, that every time the Heat loses they will pay for your booze, but of course there are stipulations…

  • Regular season only games
  • You must sign in a half hour before tip-ff with your server
  • You must stay for the whole game
  • They will only pay for $25 of your tab

Kind weak after the stipulations, but a great way for the bar to get its name out there. I won’t plug the bar, but here’s a link to the story….(




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