Nike & LeBron Welcome the Hate

26 10 2010

Between Tiger and LeBron, the two biggest stories of the past year, Nike has been sitting back and retooling their marketing campaign to cash in.

First Nike came out with those creepy Tiger inner dialogue commercials with Tiger mulling over his father’s words.  Now LeBron in his new mock decision commercial that is everywhere you look, including Sportscenter just playing it and giving free advertising to Nike.

I’ll give it to Nike, they’re geniuses in that they aren’t running from the problems their two biggest stars recently found themselves in.  They’ve cashed in on them.  Brilliant marketing strategy.  Like yeah, fuck you, we know our athletes have problems, so what? You’re still going to buy our shit like the dopes that you are.  The more problems they have, the more money we make.

Puff Daddy didn’t know shit, the mo problems they have, the mo money Nike makes.




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