Three Things To Haunt Your Dreams Tonight

27 10 2010

This Church baby shouldn’t freak me out, but to be honest, this scares the shit out of me. Like 99% of people aren’t that moved by Church, let alone a year old baby.  This baby would fit in the bible belt.  The kid goes all Ray Charles all over the audience, steals the show. At the same time frightens the hell out of me…..


I’ll give it to this tranny thing, it’s a catchy tune.  Turn my dick into a slip n’ slide, clever.  But let’s face it, once you get a tranny on your brain, it’s not going anywhere. That tranny is seared into your memory in the WTF section.  It’s slowly planting it’s Inception seed in there somewhere and is getting ready for the complete mind-fuck.  (Lyrics NSFWish)…..


Lastly I share with you the Michael Jackson monkey.

First off how is it we’re just discovering this species for the first time? Has it been in a cave called Neverland touching little boys for the past 100 years?

Or has Michael Jackson’s spirit taken over this monkey. Coincidence, I think not.  Michael Jackson dies less than a year ago and now all of a sudden these Michael Jackson monkeys are popping up everywhere wanting to be discovered? Smells a little bit fishy.  But I digress, although the monkey does freak me out.  I’m just waiting for that thing to jump through the computer screen and face rape me. Link here…..

Looking forward to snoozing tonight, sweet dreams of face raping Michael Jackson monkeys, freaky church babies and trannies talking about their new vaginas.  Sweet.






One response

26 01 2011

Leave Michael alone, jack wagons! He’s dead (God bless his soul) and you still cant leave him alone! He has children! They shouldnt see these kinds of things! He never molested any little boy! Those little bastards lied to get money!

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