Brian Kelly is Cold-Blooded

28 10 2010

Tragic story out of South Bend Indiana today at Notre Dame University.  And Brian Kelly practiced right around it.

Notre Dame Junior Declan Sullivan was filming the team’s football practice this past Wednesday when the scissor lift he was filming from; 50 feet in the air got blown over in the wind.  Declan was immediately rushed to the hospital where he later died.  Really sad stuff, the poor kid didn’t want to go up there in the wind storm.  He took to his Facebook account before practice with some harrowing remarks….

“At 3:22 p.m., just before the start of practice, he posted, “Gusts of wind up to 60 mph well today will be fun at work … I guess I’ve lived long enough.” At 4:06 p.m., “Holy (expletive) holy (expletive) this is terrifying.” Forty-four minutes later, the portable tower, which stands about 50 feet above the field, tipped over.”

Read that out loud again.  The kid makes a seemingly joking comment about the wind that day, and sure enough he predicted his own future. The worst case scenario happened.  And Brian Kelly kept on practicing.  Those Facebook comments alone should be enough to convince you there is no way Declan should have been up in that scissor lift that day.

Oh, and you decided to practice for 25 minutes after the collaspe?

Coach Kelly, is your practice really that important? You had to have him up there filming as the eye in the sky?  I know how much stock coaches put in that camera from above, cause as coaches always say, “the eye in the sky never lies.”  But that important? For one practice, ground footage wouldn’t have been suffice? Seriously bro.  You think your shitty-ass mediocre for the past decade football program was worth risking someone’s life? Clearly the winds were out of control that day, reaching 60 MPH! He should have never been up in that lift and the blood is on your hands.

The worst part is that the powers that be in that football program will sweep this problem right under the rug.  The boosters of the program will have Mr. Wolf come in and fix the situation in no time.  Wipe your hands clean Brian Kelly, the boosters got your back.




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28 10 2010

The writer of this is a fucking moron.

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