Brian Wilson and Pat Burrell Taking Weird to New Levels

28 10 2010

Brian Wilson tries very hard to be weird, and he appears to have found his soulmate in Pat Burrell. (WAIT TILL :41 SEC MARK FOR GIMP)

After viewing this video several times now, I have to give it to Brian Wilson, he sold the shit out this prank.  And in fact a pretty good prank at that.  Most athletes in interviews give you nothing.  Like zero personality, Wilson and what appears to be Pat Burrell showed you everything they have.

Wilson and Burrell have become roommates and good buddies during Burrell’s half season in San Francisco.  This story was broken by  There is photo graphic evidence on the site that Burrell has been “the  gimp” for several years.  According to the site, the gimp outfit would often appear at Pat Burrell’s annual Christmas party in Arizona every winter.  The party is well known throughout the baseball community because hundreds of players spend their winters in Arizona.  Burrell would often “entertain” his guests by throwing on his gimp outfit after I’m sure,  many Grey Goose on the rocks.  As I call that drink, “the Burrell.”

The two worked well together in the prank and tip of the hat goes to Wilson for not going all Jimmy Fallon over the skit and ruining it.  He kept his composure and his sense of dumbness after pretending to not know what was going on.  That is Burrell, I would know that walk anywhere.  Machine-like walk.

Great video here of San Fran fans doing what they do best….smoking weed.

Video got pulled from Youtube. Click here for link……




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