Biggest Game of Ron Mexico’s Career?

21 11 2010

The resurgence of Michael Vick aka “Ron Mexico” has taken the NFL and Eagles offense by storm the past couple weeks.  But for a man who’s started in an NFC Championship game, could a week 11 regular season, division rivalry game be the biggest of his career? I think so.

Vick has become the hot topic of the league, with many unable and unwilling to forgive him for his troubled past.  Others, that thought doesn’t enter their minds, the only thoughts that do are the pure brilliance he’s been displaying on the football field as of late.  NFC Offensive Player of the Week for the past two weeks.  The last player to achieve that feat was Randall Cunningham of the Minnesota Vikings back in the 1998 season.  (Side note: yes that Vikings team, the greatest offense in football history at the time.) Now the tied for first place Eagles take on the team they’re tied with, at home as the favorite, on the national stage….NBC Sunday Night Football.

The Giants come into Philadelphia a wounded team after suffering an embarrassing loss to the hapless and Wade Phillips-less Cowboys last week.  They now find themselves tied with the surprising Eagles atop the NFC East.  The Giants were rolling in the previous weeks leading up to the Cowboys game and most thought had identified themselves as the NFC’s best.  The Giants have knocked five starting QB’s out the game this year and hope to make it six.

With the national stage watching, for Vick to prove that he has changed himself from a “video game QB” into a leading candidate for league MVP would be as big a statement as his career has ever faced.  Not to mention first place is on the line.  The thought of game planning for Vick has Giants coach Tom Coughlin worried….

“I was just like everyone else was, put the pencil down and become a fan,” he said. Really? The greatness of the Eagles turned Coughlin into a regular fan? “Not really,” Coughlin admitted. “I got indigestion and a stomach ache.” So what does Coughlin plan to do to contain Vick? “Try to get the 12th man out there,” Coughlin said jokingly. “We’re working … on that.”

The Eagles are rolling, the Giants are desperate for a win, should make for a great NFC East battle.  The Giants also want to put to sleep the whispers of their second half demise.  This game, as most in the NFL, will be won in the trenches.  If the Giants can successfully get pressure on Vick, it will be a long day for the Eagles offense.   On the other hand same goes for the turnover prone Giants offense.   Eli is second in the league with 13 INT’s and the Giants love coughing the pill up.  If either QB has time in the pocket, they severely increase their teams chances of winning.  No shit.

As Mike’s popularity grows, so does his entourage.  Even including pal, Michael Jordan….

When asked who the biggest mogul was to congratulate him on his Monday night performance, Vick coolly replied: “Michael Jordan.” What did he say? “Good game, Mike. Good game, baby!”  The message came by text, and it wasn’t exactly out of nowhere. “Mike and I are good like that. We’re friends,” said Vick.

 He’s been tweeting back and forth with LeFraud James, more praise has come from Steve Young & Tom Brady. Rightfully so when the man has surprised most and concreted himself as a legitimate league MVP.

League Leaders in QB Rating

1. Michael Vick, PHI 115.1

2. David Garrard, JAC 104.9

3. Philip Rivers, SD 102.9

4. Tom Brady, NE 98.8

5. Vince Young, TEN 97.6




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