Lou Holtz is a Dick

21 11 2010

Seriously Lou, I know you’re an important man in the college football world, but two minutes of your time is wasted and this is how you treat lowly interns? C’mon Lou.

Lou I can understand being a dick if the situation calls for it, but come on bro, she’s just an intern doing what she’s told to do.  She’s not making the decisions, she’s on the front line taking the bullets so the powers that be don’t have to.  How many times does she have to apologize for fucks sake?  The poor girl was clearly uncomfortable and apologetic and yet you continued to dump hate on her shit mountain.  You really need to get back to hob knobbing with boosters that badly Lou?  I would love to flick you in the nuts.  Quit being such a dick and try enjoying life you old curmudgeon.




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