That Was Awwwkward

25 11 2010

The Spectrum demolition started this past Tuesday and it was painfully awkward.

It opened with Comcast President Peter Lukko being the MC of the ceremony, followed by Mayor Michael Nutter, Ed Snider, Flyers Greats Bob Clarke and Bernie Parent and the grand finale of the “Doc” Julius Erving.  All of this was fine, just what you would expect from this type of event, although if I can commit heresy for a minute…Doc you probably could have cut 3 or so minutes off of your speech, but besides that minor gripe, things went as expected.

Then it came time for the thing that everyone came to see….the demolition.  Who doesn’t like watching shit get demolished with a wrecking ball? Everyone does.  Then the television cameras banned to the tiny ass wrecking ball that would’ve had a hard time bringing down my childhood tree-house.  Look at the picture, the wrecking ball is the same size as the M in the banner hanging on the facade.  Not to mention the shitty recording of  “wrecking ball” by Bruce Springsteen, it seemed like someone was playing the song of their cell phone and holding it next to a microphone.  Then the ball took several swings to gain momentum and finally crack a brick, like it was the wrecking ball operators first time wrecking shit.  Overall just awkward. I wish the subway wasn’t directly under the Spectrum they could have just imploded the thing and saved themselves the awkward ceremony.

Use a real wrecking ball next time.




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