They Be Hatin Asante

25 11 2010

Asante Samuel was originally fined $50,000 for this….

The hit that DB’s have wet dreams just thinking about.  Andy Reid when hearing of the fine, made a call to the league office to protest the amount of the fine.  After pulling some strings “Big Red” was able to get the fine lowered to $40,000.

It wasn’t because the receiver was “defenseless” it was because their helmets made contact and it was deemed a “helmet to helmet” hit.   The problem with that is, Asante started with the perfect hit, timed it, led with the shoulder.  They only problem with leading with your shoulder, is that there’s this fucking annoying thing attached to your shoulder and its called your head.  What are you supposed to do with your head when your throwing all your weight into your shoulder, you can’t put it anywhere.  It’s going to follow the shoulder, that’s just facts.  If the helmets accidentally touch because of it; should not make it a fine-able offense.  A “helmet to helmet” hit is one where the defender LEADS with his helmet, not a hit where he leads with the shoulder and their heads touch.  Come Goodell, I know what you’re trying to do, but it’s getting out of control.

Much was made of this topic this week on all the sports outlets around the country and one NFL Network’s Deion Sanders of course had something to say.  He thought the hit was dirty and he called Asante one of the best off cover corners in the league.   Asante or Stephen Hawkins as we’ll refer to him, took this as an insult, which I’m not so sure it was. Asante when asked about all of this said….

(in reference to Deion) “He’s a hater. You can write that.”

(when asked about his fine) “They’re haters too.”

Deion, rightfully so, seems confused by all the hating coming from Asante.  Asante hasn’t stopped tough talking Deion via the ultimate tough guy route of Twitter.

Come on Deion, he just wants you to be a real FLA boy. C”MON SON!





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