Give This Badass Kid a Scholarship NOW

27 11 2010

This kid is badass.  Falls from what appears to be something in the ten foot neighborhood and from reports didn’t shed a tear and popped right back up.

After a second and third viewing, what shocked me the most was that douchebag walking by in sweatpants.  The kid literally almost plummets to his death right in front of the guys face and 1) doesn’t even react and more grotesquely 2) doesn’t even make an attempt to help the kid.  What a bag of dicks.  At least fool us and pretend you care, then again you’re wearing sweatpants out in public, so this may just be par for the course. 

According to reports, the kid didn’t shed a tear and popped right up like he fell on a feather-bed.  Bracing the fall was the kid’s face, so I gotta give a tip of the hat to this kid and highly suggest that Arizona State just offer the kid an athletic scholarship now, because this kid is the next Clay Matthews.




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