Jordan Is Still The Greatest

27 11 2010

First let me start by saying thank you Michael.  Thanks for doing what most of the nation outside of Miami wanted to do, and that is taking a shit on LeBron’s chest.  Chances are this video is not Nike official and some nerd made this in his basement, but I don’t care, it’s fantastic.

I have to admit, I have goosebumps and a raging sports erection after watching that video.  Jordan’s greatness has always been one of the things that made me love sports.  His dominance, will and determination to be the greatest ever was something we may never see in an athlete again.  He realizes that money has changed the NBA.  LeBron is sponsoring parties in South Beach while Jordan (who had his fun too) was in the gym at six in the morning. 

From the bottom of my heart Michael, thank you.




One response

28 11 2010
Dillon "The Great"

thats a shit load of awsome!!!!!!!!!!!

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