Let The Hot Stove Action Begin

27 11 2010

Jayson Werth may not yet be gone from the Philadelphia Phillies.  Part of this excites the shit out of me (it moved) and part of this infuriates me.  Credible sources are reporting that the Phillies may be close to resigning the prized free agent.  My sources tell me the Phillies have put a very attractive deal on the table and Werth may be close to placing his John Hancock on it.

The part about me loving this should be obvious, I think Werth is a top five right-handed outfielder in the game; a genuine 5 tool player.  The Phillies would be foolish to let him go without a fight, especially since you really only need to bite the financial bullet for one season, when the following season, Ibanez, Rollins and Lidge all come off the books.  That’s like 32 million approximately freed up. 

On the other hand, the part that angers me is that I have already come to terms with Werth leaving us.  I had come to terms with it, I had moved on before Werth had.  Now these reports have roped me back in!  Hope when unfulfilled can be a devastating loss. And these reports have now given me hope, if fulfilled could be orgasmic and mean another trip to the World Series, where I now expect to be in October. Watching him play in a Red Sox uniform would be something that would scar me for years as a Phillies fan.  Here’s hoping the sources that be aren’t just cupping our balls.




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