The Belichick Cheating Tree Grows Some Branches

27 11 2010

The NFL has just fined the Denver Broncos $100,000 for filming the 49ers practice prior to the game while the two teams played a game earlier this year in London.  Sound familiar?

(Should we cheat? How else would we win?)

The NFL has fined Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels $50,000 and Broncos video coordinator Steve Scarnecchia another $50,000 for their roles in the filming of a 49ers practice.  The said practice was filmed while the two teams were in London earlier this year to promote the NFL globally.  The suspicious part of the story is not that McDaniels was a former Bill Belichick employee but also that video coordinator Steve Scarnecchia was also a former Patriots employee.  I wonder where he got the idea to film another teams practice from???

McDaniels is a rat faced bastard on top of it all, throwing the video guy under the bus.  McDaniels said he did not watch any of the footage that Scarnecchia provided for him, obviously since the niners ended up winning the game.  Scarnecchia took all of the blame upon himself and said it was his idea to film the practice and will face the consequences head on. 

Usually if it walks and talks like a cheat, you’ll find a Belichick on the other side. Shocking that a former Belichick video guy would take upon himself to film the opponents practice. Maybe it was just second nature for him, since Belichick beat that philosophy into years prior in New England. 

On a side note, it was big news several weeks ago when Cheifs coach Todd Haley refused to shake McDaniels hand in the traditional post game exchange.  Apparently Haley told McDaniels

“There’s a lot of shit being talked about you.”

At first that quote seemed to not have much meaning, but now after these league fines, Haley’s quote has SO much more meaning.  What a dick.




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