Villanova May Suffer Big Loss

27 11 2010

Reports out of Villanova are leaning towards All American recruit JayVaughn Pinkston will be suspended for the rest of the year and because of that will transfer out of Villanova University.

Reports out of ‘Nova is saying JayVaughn attended a frat party off campus.  He decided to mack some game to one of the frats girls and ended up making out with her in a laundry room.  The douchey frat boys didn’t like losing on of their “frat rats” and decided to prank JayVaughn and barricaded the door and locked him in.  Upon finally leaving the laundry room, JayVaughn was heated and rightfully so.  He tried leaving the party and was told by the same frat boys that he couldn’t leave until his ride arrived.  This is where things got elevated, I’m sure the two frat boys got in his face about it, how stupid do you have to be to get in the face of a guy that’s 6’7 250 lbs and used to be a gold glove boxer? Anyway they deserve what they got.  Apparently JayVaughn beat the shit out of the two frat boys.  Bad enough that one had to go to the hospital with his injuries.  They want to press charges, and this has gotten Mr Pinkston in hot water with the school administration, hence why JayVaughn has yet to suit up and play for the Wildcats. 

According to sources, Villanova has decided to suspend Pinkston for the rest of the year.  This may not be his first on campus offense; hence leading to the harsh punishment.  Rumors are that if Pinkston is done for the year, he will be transferring to another school.  It’s a shame because Pinkston was just the type of player the Cats needed, a big athletic body that can come off the bench and provide a much-needed spark from a big man.  For a team that has national championship dreams, losing a McDonald’s All American is never an easy pill to swallow.

I would imagine the line is growing on campus of people wanting to punch these two frat boys again in the face.  Talk about having a shitty day, you host a party, one of your guests steals your girl and then kicks your ass.  If I were one of those two I would probably go into hiding as soon as the news is broken.




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