Bad Sunday But Thursdays Forecast Got Sunnier

29 11 2010

The interception before the half was literally the game changer.  Instead of the Eagles heading into the locker room up 20-14, the Eagles were down 21-13. Pain.  But Thursday nights game vs the Houston Texans got a smidge easier with the looming suspension of Texans WR Andre “Manchild” Johnson.

Johnson got into it with Titans CB Cortland Finnegan in the 4th quarter of Sunday’s 20-0 win over the Tennessee.  Reports are that Johnson, one of the leagues clean “nice guys” had asked Finnegan all game to stop popping him in the jaw off the line of scrimmage.  When it continued happening in the 4th quarter (evidence of Finnegan’s dirtiness in the video link) Johnson couldn’t take it anymore and went all America over his ass.  (Shitty Youtube clip below, when the NFL pulls it from Youtube go to link here…..

Andy Reid’s clock management has come into question again after Sunday’s loss.  Some will say it worked out because had they gotten the onside kick then they would have been in position to score, Reid haters will say he shouldn’t have settled for FG’s with 4 minutes remaining and then followed that up with no onsides kick.  But all said and done, missing Asante Samuel was a big loss today for the defense and the Bears knew how to run on us.  This shouldn’t discourage fans from thinking the Eagles are one of the best teams in the NFC.  The Eagles offense looked more than suffice most of the time and the defense had their first poor showing in weeks.  A bounce back win against the Titans on this short week should erase the memory of defeat handed to us in Chicago.

The early line has the Eagles as 7.5 point home favorite against the Texans on the short week.

By the way, no suspension is yet official, but it would be shocking if “tough guy” Roger Goodell does not suspend these two players immediately.

SHOCKING UPDATE: I said it would be shocking, and it is. Andre Johnson will not be suspended for the his role in Sundays fight, in fact neither player will be suspended.  Both are fined $25,000 for their actions.  The same fine that was handed to Raiders DE Richard Seymour a week earlier when he laid a WWE fore arm smack down on Ben Rapliesberger, erh sorry Rothliesberger.



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