What Was That Stuart Scott?

1 12 2010

I’m sorry I haven’t Q-Tipped my ears in a while, but that sounded like a F bomb you dropped and tried to cover up.

What’s up with Matt Millen caressing Steve Young’s hand after he calls out Stuart? He looks longingly into Steve’s eyes and then kind of pets his hand, just found that a little weird.  Stuart was probably had just been watching the Derek Anderson freak out press conference and he had cursing on the brain.  Once you get cursing on the brain, its hard to not say it.  Any word that is similar to the curse, you’re going to say the curse, that’s just the fucked up way the brain works.

When I used to wait tables, one time we had ham hock (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ham_hock) as part of our special that evening.  The whole time in my mind I couldn’t stop thinking HAM COCK.  Well as soon as I got to my first table it was in my subconscious.  The battle was already lost.  Going over the specials, I told the two women at the table, we have a lovely HAM COCK special tonight.  “Excuse me?”  the woman asked me.  I said yes, we have a HAM COCK special tonight, I couldn’t stop saying it, even when I wanted to say HAM HOCK.  So Stuart I understand your slip up.  Sometimes the brain just wants to say HAM COCK. I get it.

Here’s the Derek Andersen freak out video that brought on the Stuart Scott F Bomb on ESPN….

This video went so viral that even Dwight Howard did an impression of it last night after the Magic’s game…




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1 12 2010

For the first time, I am thankful that I e-mail subscribe to your blog.

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