Toronto Fans Throw Waffles at Players? What?

10 12 2010

After last night’s 4-1 victory in Toronto, Maple Leafs fans were not pleased.  How did they display their unhappiness? Why of course they threw waffles on the ice, duh.

“Who brings waffles to the game?” – Chris Pronger

Silly maple syrup drinking Canadians, that’s who Chris.  I know it’s a real mind fuck.  Why would someone possibly ever consider bringing waffles to a game? Were they expecting a poor performance and thought ahead? Were they just planning on snacking at the game? Is there just syrup everywhere in Toronto and they don’t wanna get caught off guard without waffles? I’m throughly confused about this.  Well I guess this is what makes Canada America’s hat.

The Flyers are rolling dirty right now.  Deep team, nice to have one of the best teams in the NHL.




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