Sal Alosi Should Never Work In The NFL Again

13 12 2010

I’ve never witnessed such a bush-league move in professional sports.  What a douche.  Seriously this guy should never work in the league again.

Does it get more bush-league than trying to trip an opposing player as he’s running full speed down the sideline? The answer is no. This is about as bush-league as a Ellen Degeneres & Portia De Rossi strap on. Sal Alosi should be ashamed of himself.  He gets a cushy gig as a strength and conditioning coach in the NFL and fucks it up that quickly by sticking his knee out and CHEATING.  The NFL is going to investigate the incident and disciplinary action is expected to be taken.  The Jets have launched their own investigation….what fucking investigation?  IT WAS AS CLEAR AS DAY! The player clearly faked an injury to ham it up, the announcers did a frame by frame break down of the trip.  There is no investigation to be had in other words, either suspend this guy or fire him, just don’t tease us with this “investigation” crap.  If the above photo or below video isn’t enough proof of his guilt, then apparently you can get away with murder in the NFL. (literally in some cases)

Are the Jets that nervous about a playoff collapse that they are resorting to this? Abso-fucking-lutley they are.  Rex Ryan’s asshole is so tight right now you couldn’t jack-hammer a bob-pin up there.   They certainly were very good at talking the talk, now in the most important time of the year in the NFL, they aren’t walking the walk.




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