Tashard Choice Is Right To Suck At The Teet Of Michael Vick, He’s Good

13 12 2010

Gotta call a violation on Dallas Cowboys RB Tashard Choice, not for getting an autograph of Michael Vick but doing it in front of cameras on the most highly rated Sunday Night Football broadcast ever? Come on son, wait until you get behind closed doors, not at midfield with live coverage.

The whole athlete getting another athletes autograph aspect of all of this is getting blown out of proportion.  Listen athletes share memorabilia and autographs amongst each other all the time, the part that is a violation is doing it on the field in front of cameras.  Wait for the locker room Tashard, I know you claim it was for your 3-year-old nephew, but don’t give the cameras what they’re looking for bro.  Do it behind closed doors.

The worst part of this is the fact that Choice had to track down a sharpie on the sidelines from a coach or a PR guy and ask to borrow it.  This was a clear case of pre-meditated autograph seeking.  If you bumped into Vick at the mall and your wife happens to have a pen in her purse, you get a pass.  But dude, your team just got their dicks stomped by Desean, Lesean and Vick, and you decide ahead of time your going to get your game glove signed?  Dude your in the NFL, remember that guy that was squirting the water bottle in your mouth all game? Yea, he’s your bitch, make him do your dirty work.  Think about the message that sends to your fans, the fans that make your job possible.  As a fan, most want “their” players to care about the game as much as they do.

There the Dallas fans are, watching the highest rated Sunday Night game in HISTORY no less, with a 16.5 rating, watching their teams game slip away as Desean Jackson runs 91 yards untouched for a TD.  A bitter taste was left in their mouths (no homo) and there is one of their players, bowing down in front of national television cameras to suck at the teet that is Michael Vick.  Vick has been more than impressive this season, but this really clinched it.  Even his opposing players that lose wants a piece of Vick.  The Eagles are approaching their 6th prime time game of the year and the networks can’t get enough of Vick, Vick and more Vick. Oh and the Eagles happen to be 5-0 thus far in prime time.  But hey, maybe Vick’s on field play deserves some teet sucking and this was just confirmation of it.  Thanks Tashard.




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