Let’s All Bask In The Failure Of The Yankthese

14 12 2010

Not literal failure, not just yet anyway.  This may be only the second time I can remember when the New York Yankees did not get the free agent they were pursuing, the other being Greg Maddux dating back to the mid nineties.  Usually it works like this, Yankees mark their prey, outbid everyone else and get their man. Not this fucking year.

(I bet Cameron’s got the bigger dick)

Isn’t Maverick up there supposed to be the man in that relationship? Sweet outfit and designer haircut ARod.  Fucking ass-hat.

The Yankees didn’t get their man, and the Phillies did. What a fantastic fucking day in the city of Philadelphia, we took the Yankees mark, and to boot HE TOOK LESS MONEY TO DO IT! He wants to be here, which may be the greatest part of all this.  Cliff Lee missed Philadelphia all last year.  It chewed him up inside.  He held out hope that we would come back for him, and to the surprise of everyone, we did.

One douche-bag in New Yorker single handily landed Cliff Lee in Philadelphia.  Whatever shithead drunk that couldn’t handle his booze and decided to spit on Kristen Lee.  She was quoted shortly after the incident…..

The fans did not do good things in my heart.  When people are staring at you, and saying horrible things, it’s hard not to take it personal”

Boom! And there you have it.  The reputation for being assholes has finally caught up with you.  Cliff is a smart man, he knows if his wife is miserable in NY, then his life is going to be miserable.  Women are capable of evoking misery upon their partners like few creatures that walk this Earth can.  He was the anti-Werth and decided that no amount of money on Earth was worth living in the city of assholes.

I’m OK with New Yorkers venting for the next twenty-four to thirty-six hours.  This is new to them. Get it out of your systems because three days from now I don’t want to hear shit from you.  You lost your man.  Bitterness is something you will learn and eventually accept, in Philadelphia we learn this at an early age.

Here’s an example from today’s NY Daily News, can’t even give credit when credit is due….

“Instead of doing that, he will try to recreate his favorite memory. It is a nice narrative, even a noble impulse, but it is fraught with risk and potential disappointment. The Phillies are already altered from the team Lee joined in July 2009, when he was traded from Cleveland.

The Phils’ lineup is reduced, due to age and attrition. Jayson Werth, Lee’s good friend and the team’s only righthanded power hitter, is gone, having decided to accept a Publishers Clearing House check for $126 million from the Washington Nationals. Infielders Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins are aging, and could not make it through last season without suffering serious and nagging injuries. This month, centerfielder Shane Victorino turned 30, the last Phils starter to cross the precarious boundary. Decline awaits in a few years, if not sooner.” – Ny Daily News

No worries New York, I have a feeling you’ll be watching a lot of Cliff this postseason on TV. Good luck getting past those Red Sox, they’re going to be tough this year.



RED SOX: 5:1


Bodog link…..(http://sports.bodog.com/sports-betting/baseball-futures.jsp)

I feel like the guy in this video below, and the New York Yankees are the EMT’s. FUCK YOU!

And if I were the Yankees I would feel like this hockey team in the black.


P.S: As writing this post, it just came across the wire that Mark Prior has been signed by the Yankees to a minor league deal. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You can’t make this shit up.  Is that a Plan B? What is that? Gross.  Cashman’s going to be constipated for weeks.




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