15 12 2010

Desean Jackson made an appearance on the epicenter of hell last night….the T.OCHO Show on VS. Network.  He appears to be a little puppy dog around the two of them, like he looks up to them….NOOOOOOOOOOO.

“I’m gonna set the bar high for ya T.O.”

Desean, you couldn’t have picked two bigger losers to look up to bro.  Yes, they are both talented WR’s, but both have won squat.  They are usually distractions to their teams and are all about getting paid, not winning games.  Ocho Cinco right now has more television commercials than he does Bengals victories.  T.O. has been on about 8 different teams, that alone should tell you something….talent can only carry you so far.  You have to have your head on right to succeed in this league.  Please, please, please do not try and emulate these two ass-hats.  Go watch Jerry Rice videos, and interviews and try and learn from him.  Don’t let these two cancers infect you brotha.  We’re going to need you down the line.  You’re going to get paid, just wait for the off-season.

It took all of about 30 seconds for this interview to become about money.  I couldn’t be more for players getting paid while they can, but when you start showing your teammates that money is the #1 thing on your mind, it starts to bother me.  Rumors around the Eagles locker room all year have been that some of the veteran players are starting to get bothered by Desean’s “pay me” attitude.  The Eagles are coming down the stretch of the season and right now distractions are unneeded, i.e. dude you don’t need to be going on the T.Ocho show.  Get your head on straight and focus on the playoffs and not your checking account.  If you want the transcript of the majesty of the English language as displayed by Desean, here it is….(Bill Shakespeare would be proud)

“It’s a lot of ins and outs that go into it.  But, uh, TO man, hey Imma set the bar for you, man.  Imma try to get the most I can.  Imma set it high for you and Imma set it high for errybody else too.  So it’s a good look, man.

It is what it is though, but they gonna have to do their best, because the way I’m puttin’ it in…  hey, something got to happen, baby.”


Watch the clip courtesy of the700level…..




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