Flyers Are Rolling

15 12 2010

20-7-5. Best record in the NHL.

Great time to be a Philadelphia sports fan right about now.  The Eagles just beat the Cowboys on national TV and have the biggest game of the year this Sunday against the Giants, in NY, for the division lead no less.  The Phillies just stole the jewel of the Yankees eye.  The Sixers, well, let’s hope they trade Igoudala soon.  And last night the Flyers quietly became the best team in the NHL.

Get this team a lead after two periods and they are almost unbeatable.  The Flyers are17-0-2 when entering the 3rd period with the lead.  One of the reasons has been the goal tending, whether its been the Bob, or Boucher, both have been playing above their heads thus far.  Another reason this team is rolling right now is the depth of the team.  All four lines can hurt you.  It gives Peter Laviolette options.  He can mix and match and get the match-ups he wants against whatever team they’re facing.

The Penguins came into the Wells Fargo Center last night on a win streak of 12 games, in fact Sidney Crosby hadn’t shaved his pube ‘stache during the teams winning streak.  It looked like a dollop of grundel hair glued to his upper lip, like he passed out drunk around his frat brothers.  The Flyers won the game 3-2 and made a clear statement to the NHL….they are one of the league’s top teams.  I know it’s only mid December, but I think the message was sent loud and clear last night, the Flyers aren’t a fluke.

That ain’t no mustache.

That’s a fucking stache.




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