My Swami, Nostradamus, Zoltar, Trebek Prediction

15 12 2010

Why Trebek? Because that man knows everything.

My prediction is exactly what you see before your eyes, Joe Blanton will be wearing Oakland Athletics white, yellow and green next season.  The Phillies will trade Joe Blanton and his 17 million over the next 2 years to the Oakland Athletics for one of their cheap veteran outfielders.  Nothing exciting, something along the lines of a Conor Jackson or Coco Crisp in return for the pitcher.  If not, the prospect route is likely, but only if the Phillies would be willing to pick up some of Blanton’s remaining money.

This is not to say the Red Sox rumors are dead, they are not.  The Phillies are trying to obtain Mike Cameron from the Sox, but they seem unlikely to make the deal.  Another team in play with all of this would be the Milwaukee Brewers.  I know they have inquired on Blanton but they do not have a plethora of outfielders to send back in return.

Plan A is definitely Athletics, Plan B is Red Sox and the Brewers would be Plan C.  I do not see a timetable in my crystal ball but expect Blanton to be moved as quickly as possible.




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