Mets Don’t Care About Their Fans

17 12 2010

Talk about a straight punch to the dick.  The Phillies sign Cliff Lee, the Nationals sign Jayson Werth and the Mets beg people to buy season tickets…. sounds about right.

Rough times in Flushing Meadow NY.  New Mets GM Sandy Alderson takes office in desperate times in NY and aside from not making any trades or signing any free agents, the Mets make the new GM film this terrible video.  I can imagine how this went down.

“Hey Sandy, as your first task as GM we’re gonna need you to shoot this terribly insulting video basically begging our fans to buy season tickets at a 10% discount. Ok! Cool! Good luck next year!”

Tough pill to swallow for Mets fans, especially those thinking of buying season tickets.  Is a 10% discount worth a season of misery? Can you handle it? But hey look for Carlos Beltran to put up his best numbers in years, cause hey its a contract year! If his money is on the line look for the center-fielder to have a bounce back year and then go ruin someone’s clubhouse in 2012.





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