Rex Grossman Has Better Grasp Of 60 Minute Offense

17 12 2010

Donovan McNabb has been benched this weekend in favor of backup Rex Grossman.  Let’s all collectively say “I TOLD YOU SO.”

Getting benched is one thing, but getting benched for Rex Grossman is just plain embarrassing.  The vibe coming out of Washington all season has been that the McNabb trade was more of a Daniel Snyder (owner of ‘skins) move than a Mike Shanahan decision.    The financial apology i.e. non extension contract extension they gave him mid way through the season is looking more and more unlikely to actually be fulfilled.

I don’t want to bask too much in the shortcomings of McNabb, but I do take joy in the fact that football fans around the world might be saying to themselves…hmmm, maybe Philly fans weren’t nuts to be so tough on McNabb.  We were always called the assholes for booing McNabb’s failure of not winning a Super Bowl in Philadelphia.  Now with the spotlight on him, people are seeing what we saw for a decade, McNabb was a very good QB, just not a great one.

The egg is on McNabb’s face and he knows it.  He has been exposed.  Official word on embarrassment coming from McNabb’s agent Fletcher Smith….

“Disrespectful is probably not strong enough of a word,” Fletcher N. Smith, McNabb’s representative, said in a lengthy phone interview Friday. “Donovan has handled himself with nothing but class, not just in Washington but as an ambassador for the league. To treat him this way … it’s beyond disrespectful.” –Washington Post

Should be an interesting off-season for the McNabb clan.

UPDATE: Rex Grossman will be the starter the next TWO weeks and McNabb will be relegated to clipboard duty as THE THIRD STRING QB.  Jon Beck will be the #2 QB so Shanahan can get a feel for how he handles the role of #2.  Man it appears Shanahan has lost all respect for #5.




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