Rex Ryan’s Inner Rexual Predator Comes Out In A Big Way

22 12 2010

You can’t make this stuff up.  Just pure gold.  Rex Ryan and his wife appear to be into some pretty kinky stuff.  Foot fetish kinky.  Foot fetish videos on the internet kinky.

Gotta say, I love it.  I love that Sexy Rexy is a freak.  He’s into his wife’s feet after all these years, and good for him.  It’s hard after 20 years of marriage to still find the balls of your wife’s feet sexy as shit.  Rex finds his wife’s feet sexy and soft and is clearly the reason he married her.  She appears to be into it as well, in one video even rocks the panties and wife beater tank top.  He likes touching them, licking them, massaging them and perhaps fucking them.  Who knows Rexy, but stay freaky my man, don’t let mainstreams prudes tell you what to do.  Keep fucking those pedicures.  Stay strong….and weird.

Maybe that snack he was always talking about was his wife’s toes.  Could be, just saying.

All 5 videos are on Deadspin. Click the link to watch all 5. It’s worth it.




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