Tim Tebro Impresses But Is Still A Tool

28 12 2010

I’ve been a Tebow hater for some time now.  Can’t stand the guy.  Yesterday he threw for over 300 yards and looked impressive in his 2nd career start.  But one thing drove me insane.

(Right forearm)

He was famous for it in college.  He was well known for it, the eye black with a bible verse on it.  But in the NFL, players are forbidden from writing anything on their eye black due to league uniform rules.  Tebow thought it was so imperative to have his bible verse seen, that he found another way.  He wrote the verse which appears to be Luke 2:10-11 on his play-calling sleeve on his right forearm. I could give a shit that Tebow is religious, that’s not the point here.  I am also curious if the bible verse is a recent addition to the uniform since he won the starting job? If that’s the case I hate him even more.  If he put it on there since gaining the starting job, it is only there to gain mention from the cameras being on him more as the starter.  That infuriates me.  It’s more than ok to be religious and faithful but too shove it down people’s throats is unnecessary.  Players at the end of games often gather at midfield and share in a prayer, I don’t have a problem with that in the least, in fact it shows that players understand the respect they should have for their opponents.  Maybe I’m looking too deep because I’m blinded by my hatred of Tebow, but maybe Tebow put it on there because the cameras were rolling and he needed to look the image.  Either way, he’s a tool.




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