It’s Gonna Be Giants, Packers or Buccaneers

29 12 2010

After last night’s abysmal performance by Michael Vick and the Eagles, the playoff picture became a little tiny bit more clear.  Maybe Vick should just be executed? Right Tucker?

A lot is still hanging in the balances, but one of those three teams will be playing the opening wild card weekend playoff game in Philadelphia.  Most signs point to Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers coming into town.

  • The Falcons have the Panthers next week and a win clinches #1 seed, no chance in hell the Falcons lose to the Panthers.  Falcons are #1 seed.
  • The Bears with that Falcons win essentially lock up the #2 seed but have to play the Packers which is a do or die game for them.  Bears don’t have a whole lot to play for. I expect the Packers to win in Lambeau.
  • Eagles are the 3 seed, locked in, this we know.
  • The gross winner of the Seahawks Rams slopfest Sunday night will be the #4 seed, we’ve wasted enough time talking about this matchup already.  Oh yeah, worst part is the winner of this will host a playoff game.
  • The Saints without a miracle in Carolina next week will have the #5  seed and have to travel to either St. Louis or Seattle.  Saints roll either way.
  • That leaves most likely the Packers coming to Philadelphia, the Giants and Bucs are options of course but it is the Packers spot to lose.  The Giants have just lost Hakeem Nicks to a broken toe, and the Buccaneers haven’t beaten a team with a record better than .500 all season.  But of course we’ll be faced with one of the scarier playoff teams in the Packers.





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