Aaron Rodgers Is Man Whoring Around

4 01 2011

Hopefully his lady drama will force him into throwing a couple unforced INT’s.

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers has been rumored to be with ESPN sideline hottie Erin Andrews for the past seven months, then this past week word got out that Rodgers has been seeing Gossip Girl star Jessica Szhor (a Wisconsian, that’s not a real word).  Rodgers who has been fairly sneaky with his relationship with Erin Andrews, appears to have gotten caught in a two girlfriend web.  Thanks TMZ, you bastards, let the man get his! Why you gotta call a brotha out?

Let’s hope Rodgers has been dealing with a world of shit and dick pain this week, when having to deal with two bitching girlfriends as opposed to breaking down Eagles defense.  Let’s hope one of these spotlight sluts puts the Jessica Simpson hoax on Rodgers.  It’s not much to hold onto, but let’s hope this off field drama helps.

Gossip Floosie


Sideline Hottie

I’d pay top dollar to watch that cat fight. 




One response

5 01 2011
Jeff in South Philly

What a dush dumpster, I hate this fuckin asshole, I hope Trent Cole drills his stupid Bret Farve cock gargling head into the ground. What the fuck, why does this turd faced, cock prophet get to double duty awesome titty like that? Oh yea, $$$$$$$$ Bling Bling

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