Poor Hank Baskett

5 01 2011

Kendra Wilkinson, Girls Next Door & Kendra star, has recently filed for a “post nuptial” agreement with her husband, NFL WR Hank Baskett.  Bad enough she’s coming out with porno’s and Playboys all the time, now he has to worry about the gravy train leaving.  I was unaware post-nuptials even existed.

Bad enough that Hank has to worry about making a team next season, now he has to worry about losing his wife’s checking account.  With the recent release of sex tapes from Vivd Entertainment, Kendra who may have been behind the release of the tapes, has found herself in a new tax bracket.  Not a good sign for Hanky.  Hank isn’t making as much money as when the couple first met, and now she’s making more.  A lot more.  According to a source…

“Kendra is making a lot of money these days, but Hank’s not earning as much as he did when they got married. She’s just looking out for her own interests”

Yes, she is making a lot of money selling her cooter for all to see (for those that haven’t seen it, its more hardcore than I would’ve thought).  This relationship is bound to last a lifetime (sarcasm), selling home made porn behind her husbands back and then making him sign a piece of paper saying Hanky poo can’t have any of her porn money.  Classy lady, mom must be so proud.

She became famous by shoving Hugh Hefner’s wrinkled balls inside her and pretending she liked it.  Now she’s hiding money from her husband and making him feel like a bitch.  Hank don’t sign it bro, fuck her.  The marriage isn’t going to last either way, that much is clear.  Don’t sign it, call her bluff and make her divorce you, then you can seek a cut of her whore fortune for emotional damages while she was whoring herself around the country and you stayed home with your son.  Call her out Hank, don’t sign it.




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