Should’ve Traded Igoudala Yesterday

6 01 2011

Dallas Mavericks third leading scorer Caron Butler and his expiring contract were lost for the season with a torn patella tendon.

This trade makes so much sense that it won’t happen (my bitterness as a Sixers fan clouds my judgment here, it may happen).  Both teams would get what they need.  The Sixers would free up floor space for Evan Turner and Thaddeus Young to play their natural positions, and give the team a chance to grow with it’s youth, as Igoudala at age 27 has become a veteran on the team.

There’s no denying the Dallas team is a little long in the tooth with Dirk, Jason Terry, Shawn Marion and Jason Kidd as the nucleus of the team.  Igoudala could bring some young legs, young legs that could play pressure defense, stretch the court and get to the hole.  The Mavericks have a team of jump shooters and without Butler, lost some of the inside guard play and they will need a player like that come playoff time.

The Sixers in return would get a nice salary “old fashioned” from the Mavericks and take on Butler’s expiring deal and get rid of the monstrosity of Igoudala’s contract off the books, freeing up money for potential free agents or future lottery picks.  With the emergence of Jrue Holiday at the point guard, and Thaddeus Young’s rookie contract coming to an end soon, you have to know what you have going forward, when winning something might actually be an option.  With Igoudala and the nucleus the team has now, winning championships of any kind are not in the cards.  If there’s a way to include Lou Williams in the deal, even better!  It’s a tough reality to face, but the Sixers do not have any pieces to build around, the piece they have now is a non shooting shooting guard/confused small forward that can dunk and defend, and that’s it.

Igoudala’s value is still decent around the league.  The Mavericks are a team that is not afraid to take on money, proven by their brash owner Mark Cuban.  The Mavericks have one of the best records in the NBA and just lost one of their better players, a player that needs to be replaced if championship hopes stay alive.  Igoudala can be that replacement.

Ed Stefanski, make this move.  Even if you have to take a little bit less than what you think he’s worth, do it please.  For all of us that have suffered through the past eight years of dreadful Sixers basketball.  End the suffering, turn over a new leaf, a leaf that is not tainted by Andre Igoudala.  He might actually be able to win somewhere else, just not here.  He’s supposed to be our leader?



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