Phillies Need Craig Breslow

7 01 2011

Oakland A’s LEFTY RELIEF PITCHER (ring a bell?) Craig Breslow recently hopped in on the fun had at the expense of Jets Coach Rex Ryan, or Sexy Rexy as he’s referred to on this site.  I haven’t seen too many Rex Ryan spoofs (although I’m sure they exist) because the original is just so damn good itself.  I could laugh every time I watch Sexy Rexy caressing hammer toes for the next ten years, that damn funny.

For a professional athlete to hop in, pun intended, on the fun is fantastic.  Well executed by Craig and his unknown female accomplice. Rex Ryan’s videos came from the Youtube username of “ihaveprettyfeet” and Breslow’s video was done by the username “ihaveprettylefthand.”  Well played sir. He doesn’t break into Jimmy Fallon snickering either, keeps his composure and nails it.

Lefty relief pitchers are always a commodity and with that comedic presence, it seems like a natural fit.  Reuben go get this guy.  Go swing that big GM dick of yours around and make magic happen.

Video Credit: YouTube user 12AngryMascots




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