Chicago Sun Times, You Kidding Me?

8 01 2011

The Chicago Cubs recently made an off-season splash by trading a slew of minor league players for Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Matt Garza.  Joaquin Benoit had nothing to do with this deal, someone please tell the Chicago Sun Times.

Chicago Sun Times ran a full back page picture of new Cubs pitcher Matt Garza, or what they thought was Matt Garza.  This is what happens when you have a non sportsmen working in sports.  They ran a picture of Rays pitcher Joaquin Benoit!  Any moderate baseball fan over the past four seasons has to have seen Matt Garza at least once.  Look, I’m not saying Chicago sports reporters should be charting every Tampa Bay Rays game, but the man has pitched in the postseason for the last three years and has even started World Series games!

One is American, one is Dominican.  Both have facial hair.  Both are right handed pitchers.  Both used to play for the Tampa Bay Rays.  Yeah I can see how they screwed this one up.  Welcome to Chicago Matt! You’ll be super appreciated.  Violation on the Chicago Sun Times. 

In fairness to the paper, I can see how the two pitchers were confused.




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