March 6th. Set Your DVR’s NOW!

8 01 2011

On March 6th the entire world is going to be blessed with a truly original and inspiring new television show.

Why you ask is Mike Tyson, one of the world’s baddest men caressing that pigeon? Because Mike Tyson fucking loves pigeons, that’s why.  Mike Tyson and the Animal Planet have teamed up to bring you the best cable programming since the Jersey Shore

“I have a pretty colorful past so you’re going to find out some interesting things about me too”

No shit Mike.  Why do you think you were given this show? Because people care about competitive pigeon racing? Fuck no, because you’re a crazy son of a bitch and your fucking racing pigeons.  We know you’re interesting, like Snooki interesting, interesting as in you’re a human train wreck and people can’t get enough. 

Mike by evidence of the old school picture above has been in love with pigeons for some time and in his retirement has been competitively racing them.  I wasn’t even aware such a thing existed.  The show will be called Taking on Tyson.  I guarantee this will be must watch television.  I already set my DVR and I suggest you do the same. Show is going to be epic. 



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