Thumb Man’s Weekend Picks

8 01 2011

He’s like my Dr. Z or Vegas Vick.  Man knows his stuff.  Only this man has a face, a face that looks like a thumb.  His knowledge comes from his lack of neck.  Respect the wisdom.

Seahawks vs. Saints in Seattle. Seahawks + 10.  Seahawks suck, but a double-digit line at home in the playoffs is disrespectful, especially for a team that beat the Saints in New Orleans this year.  They’ll lose the game, but they’ll cover the points.  Thumb Man says take the Hawks and the points.

Jets vs. Colts in IndianapolisJets + 2. Jets will win this game OUTRIGHT.  The Colts are a one man show and that show stops here.  The Jets defense will win this game.  Not dirty Sanchez.

Ravens vs. Chiefs in Kansas CityRavens -3. Ravens are the better team.  The Chiefs strength is running the ball.  The Ravens can shut down the run.  Chiefs can’t run, Chiefs don’t win.  I’ll take playoff experience vs a rookie playoff team any day of the week.  Ravens win by 6-10 points.

Packers vs. Eagles in Philadelphia. Eagles -3/2.5 (depending where your lines come from.)   This is the most competitive game of the weekend.  I have gone back and forth all week on this game, early in the week there was no way the Eagles win.  Then I looked to the neck.  The lack of neck said the Eagles are at home and will win this game.  No reason on this one, reason says Packers will win.  Gut says Eagles.  Eagles win and cover.

UPDATE: Thumb Man loved his Seahawks, thanks to Marshawn Lynch




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